About Right to Stay

The government’s current policy of having everyone apply for Settled Status will inevitably mean some people miss out. That’s why we are campaigning for the government to adopt the Right to Stay.

What is the Right to Stay principle?

Right to Stay would mean that everyone who resides in the UK by the cut-off Brexit point is legally entitled to Settled Status automatically and receives a physical proof of their new immigration status via a registration system.

  1. EU nationals living in the UK should have an automatic Right to Stay guaranteed in legislation. 
  2. This is what was promised, but it’s not what Settled Status offers.
  3. Settled Status and Pre-Settled Status is currently not automatic. The government can turn down applications and there is no right of appeal. This has created fear and anxiety, and some people are being unfairly refused.  
  4. The Right to Stay principle replaces Settled Status with a registration system. Crucially it removes the threat of deportation hanging over EU nationals – and in the context of a pandemic, it allows for future access to the healthcare system.

What is the research behind Right to Stay?

You can find the relevant background information and statistics for the campaign here:

Unsettled Status? Which EU Citizens are at Risk of Failing to Secure their Rights after Brexit?, Migration Observatory
EU Settlement Scheme FAQs, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Settled status: What level of take-up can we expect?, NPC

How can I help?

It is crucial that we act now to get the government to implement a Right to Stay for all EU citizens to prevent a massive crisis for hundreds of thousands of people.

To achieve this, we need your help to spread the word. You can share the campaign on social media using the buttons below:

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